Christmas in Action

Christmas in Action is an entity that has been created to seek help to the CCCL by  organizing exhibition and events. CIA is for the 3rd consecutive year, launching its Lebanese Designer exhibition where very well talented and ambitious designers feature there design. In a very festive mood, CIA takes place beginning of  December. The designers invest tremendous efforts all year round to bring you new creations for Christmas while donating 40% of the sales to the CCCL.

Our aim is to raise money to be able to help a bigger number if children to get there treatment. At the CCCL all children diagnose with cancer are treated free of charge, thank a to the society support and conciseness.

The treatment per year for one child is 50’000$. The fist year we were able to help one child.  Our dream is to help more than one child and to able to finance new equipment and medication.